Monday, March 19, 2012

Wanna-Be Castile...

I am totally in love with this soap.. This is not a Castile in the true sense as it is only 55% olive oil.  Doesn't even qualify as a Bastille Soap (Bastardized Castile)..  Bastille is usually at least 70%.  Why didn't I make this 100%.. Well I hear that the bubbles are small and that it some think true Castile is slimy.. So I chose to add some other oils to balance the properties of this bar.  

Regardless of the technical details of Castile vs Bastille, this batch of Crock Pot Hot Process (CPHP) soap turned out wonderful with a foundation of 55% olive oil!  I only made it 24 hours ago so there hasn't been time for it to cure.  I could hardly wait to get home and cut it up tonight.  

And the heck with curing... I used the end slice right away!  Since it was hot processed it was already soap!  I will try to keep my hands off of the rest to give it some time to cure.  I tried to capture the suds so you could see for yourself how lovely this young batch is...  

So the recipe details are....

Coconut oil 25%
Castor 8%
Olive Oil 55%
Shea Butter 12% ... 

And no additives!  I wanted just pure soap! 

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